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Admission Rules
1. The Selection Process is strictly based on merit.
2. The reservation for quotas for admission will be maintained as per government rule.
3 There is a provision for special relaxation in terms of the admission fees and the tuition fees for the students having excellent results in the HSLC or equivalent examination.
The students scoring 90% & above will be given special relaxation for admission in the science stream.
The students scoring 85% & above will be given special relaxation for admission in the Commerce stream.
The students scoring 80% & above will be given special relaxation for admission in the Arts stream.
4. A special relaxation will be provided to the economically backward students and to those belonging to the category of SC / ST having shown better performance in the H.S.L.C. Examination.

Attendance Rules
1. All students must attend at least 75% of the total number of classes as per guideline under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council & Gauhati University.
2. Students failing to attend classes for a certain period of time at a stretch on genuine, reasonable and acceptable ground must apply to the principal of the school.

Examination Rules
1. Students of all the classes will have to appear in the unit tests as per notification by the principal. It is mandatory for all the students to appear in the unit tests. failing which the students may not be al lowed to appear in the respective final examination.
2. H.S. First Year Annual Examination will be conducted by the school as per rules under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.
3. For the students appearing in the final examination, both 1st year & 2nd year, must have a minimum 75% attendance in the classes.
4. Any student found guilty in adopting unfair meanse during the examination may lead to the expulsion from the school.

Anti Ragging
1. As per UGC guideline and Supreme Court Verdict, all forms ragging in the school campus are strictly prohibited. Ragging is considered as cognizable offence under the law of land and ragging in all its forms are totally banned in the entire institution. Any student found engaged in any form of ragging will follow a strong disciplinary action as per rule.

Other Rules
1. Chewing tobacco, cigarettes, gutka or any sort of narcotic drug are strictly prohibited and punishable and may lead to expulsion from the institution
2. School uniform is mandatory for students.
3. Students in uniform, found loitering outside the school campus and engaging themselves in any anti social activities, will be heavily penalized.
4. Disciplinary action up to the extent of expulsion from the school will be taken against the students for their act of indiscipline and misconduct to any faculties, fellow students and members of the school staff.
5. Students must take proper care of the school property, furniture and premises. Students causing damage to any property of the school will be heavily penalized.
6. Use of mobile phones within the school campus is strictly prohibited and punishable up to a fine of Rs. 500/-
7. Perfect silence should be maintained in classrooms. Student must not make noise in the corridors or in front of the classrooms.
8. Spitting and littering is strictly prohibited. Students must maintain the cleanliness of the campus . Eco-friendly environment must be maintained.
9. School Identity Card must be brought daily.

Parents-Teachers Meet
For the better performance and the uplift of the students we feel the need of parents and teacher meet at a regular interval. Our endeavour is to improve the quality of the students and the performance in the examination. The parents must play an important role for the benefit of the students and in this meet their suggestion and interaction with the faculties and principal will be boost for us.